• Catenary Major

    Catenary Major

    Catenary intelligent remote system 6c, catenary detection equipment, catenary special equipment


  • Substation  Hydropower

    Substation Hydropower

    Sichuan Xinda Rail Transit Equipment Co., Ltd., electrical test equipment, power construction equipment.


  • Urban rail transit equipment

    Urban rail transit equipment

    The company has launched the online monitoring system (C6) for the contact network power supply equipment, the intelligent inspection system for the contact network of high-speed railways.......




Sichuan Xinda Rail transportation Equipment Co., Ltd., founded in 2015, is located in the innovation center of Mianyang international science  technology city. It is a system integration service provider  technology-based private enterprise dedicated to the research  development of construction equipment, testing equipment, electrical test equipment, lighting equipment  professional software for the traction power supply industry of electrified railway. At the same time, the company acts as an agent of foreign advanced professional equipment 。

In line with the good faith-based, scientific  technological innovation cooperation win-win business philosophy. The company strives to build an industry benchmark of intelligent, information, diversified  integrated services for electrified railway system. 



  • Pushing type automatic contact net measuring instrument

    The built-in infrared camera is used for all-weather tracking identification of the catenary, the built-in high-frequency laser is used for high-precision measurement of the catenary;

  • Titanium alloy electro-hydraulic insulator converter

    It can quickly replace the oblique arm rod insulators of high-speed normal-speed railway catenary pillars.

  • Ground inspection device for catenary failure

    The image monitoring terminal is directly connected to the single unit of the image acquisition device through the wireless module to control it to take pictures of the target part.

  • Magnetic sleeper monitoring (dynamic)

    Real-time monitoring system of magnetic sleepers, real-time on-line monitoring of magnetic sleepers, has filled the industry blank of railway magnetic sleeper monitoring.

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